This app is helping to change the lives of the visually impaired for the better

‘The help these apps give you as a blind/visually impaired person is indispensable and invaluable’

A woman sits at her computer. (Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels)

There are countless apps that help us do all kinds of things in our daily lives, but there’s a relatively new app that assists people who are visually impaired, with what some people don’t have to think twice about.

Not only is the Be My Eyes app making a difference in the daily lives of those who are blind and visually impaired, but it gives sighted people a chance to volunteer in a way they can truly make an impact.

Here’s how it works: A person who is blind or visually impaired can connect on the app via video and audio with a sighted person, who can help them with tasks as simple as figuring out the color of a shirt and the expiration date on a gallon of milk, to more important tasks, such as getting the temperature off a thermometer or reading someone’s mail to them. And there is assistance in more than 180 languages.

The app is being raved about by users in the visually impaired community.

“The help these apps give you as a blind/visually impaired person is indispensable and invaluable," one person who is visually impaired said. "All you really need is a few minutes to help change/impact someone’s life for the better.”

“I’d say one of the coolest experiences I have had, is when a man stayed on the phone with me for almost 45 minutes, and I was able to upgrade the RAM on my iMac," one man who is visually impaired wrote. "This is a task that would be extremely difficult without help.”

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With 4.8 out of 5 stars, the app has been a hit for users on both ends. In fact, sighted volunteers seem to be getting so much out of lending a set of eyes that the ratio of volunteers to blind people is abundant. To be more precise, as of December, there were more than 270,000 people who are visually impaired on the app, and nearly 4.4 million sighted people volunteering.

Be My Eyes app. (Be My Eyes)

“I love answering calls because it humbles me … to be able to make it easier for them means the world to me,” said one reviewer who wrote about how she helped a man with narrowed vision who was volunteering to help homeless people get back on their feet. “I felt a part of it at the same time because I was able to help him find the resources he needed so he could give out to those he helps who are homeless.”

Interested in signing up? It's quick and easy.

  • Download the Be My Eyes app and tell it whether you are blind/visually impaired or sighted.
  • Create your login via Facebook, Google, Apple or your email.
  • Read through directions on how to make or receive a call.

“This app really gives us a sense of what it means to be human, to give back to humanity, unselfishly. If more of us gave so freely of just a few minutes of our time each month, collectively, think of what else we could accomplish!” another reviewer said.

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