Illinois woman took her State Bar exam while in labor, and passed it.

Brianna Hill and baby Cassius (Brianna Hill/CNN)

OAK PARK, Ill. – A woman who took her State Bar exam while in labor has learned that she passed the test, TODAY Show reported.

Chicago-area resident Brianna Hill, a Loyola University law school student, revealed to TODAY that she learned her Bar results this past week, calling it her “second bundle of joy.”

Hill took her Bar exam back in October, when all of the sudden, she felt a pop while taking the first portion of the exam. She didn’t want to get off her chair as it would count as cheating, and the next scheduled Bar exam would be in February.

TODAY reported that Hill could have qualified for an exception, but decided not to wait for the next exam date.

“My midwife assured me that I got time, so I had to put in towels on the chair during my break and sat on them to keep going,” Hill told TODAY.

Hill managed to finish several essays and part 1 of her exam, and then rushed to the hospital to give birth to a baby boy named Cassius on Oct. 19. With very little sleep, she was able to finish part 2 while caring for Cassius in the hospital and waiting for postnatal tests.

“The past two months I had only been telling myself I had passed because I couldn’t let myself go down the road of if I hadn’t,” Hill told TODAY. “Just opening up the email and seeing congratulations, I started crying, my husband started crying, and Cassius was very confused why there was so much yelling.”

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