Share with us your most treasured Christmas tree ornaments

Do you have a special ornament?
Do you have a special ornament? (Pexels.)

Christmas time is a tradition that we’ve always had in our lives, and one of those traditions is collecting ornaments over the years.

While we usually decorate our trees with shinning bulbs of different colors, there are certain ornaments that become sentimental. Whither it’s an ornament your child made in the first grade, or it’s one that commemorates a special anniversary, these ornaments will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So why not share the story behind your favorite ornament? Maybe the ornament has been passed down for generations, or it’s something silly that just makes you laugh? Whatever the reason, we’d love to see a photo and hear the story behind your special ornament.

You can post a photo of your ornament and tell us a little story about it in the form below.

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