The hands-down best beauty gifts: An Amazon shopping guide

Ideas include Diorshow mascara, Tarte primer

On the prowl for a gift for your niece, cousin, mom, sister or friend? Or are you just shopping for yourself this holiday season? (Admit it: We’ve all done this!)

Here’s a recommendation: Check out the makeup. Peruse the hair care items. A great skin product can change your whole routine. No matter who you’re shopping for, beauty gifts are ALWAYS sure to please. (Your future self will thank you for anything that comes in the mail over the next few weeks!)

Some of these suggestions won’t come as a surprise if you’re makeup-obsessed, but we hope you can find something on the list that’s new -- or at least, new to you.

We hope you love these recommendations. Just an FYI, Graham Media Group may collect a small share of sales from the links provided on this page.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

If you’re known to contour, this is a must-purchase.

Or if the recipient on your “to-buy-for” list likely wants to look dewey, fresh and young, she’ll love this glow kit. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is top of the line, and we think it’s a crowd-pleaser.

How much?

2. Kat Von D ink liner

This product has a bit of a cult-like following. It’s truly the best of the best, so if you’re ready to knock your daughter’s socks off and gift her a truly fabulous item -- look no further.

Or, remember, you could always buy it for yourself. It’s easy to apply, it stays in place and you’ll nail that cat eye every time.

How much?

3. The Naked 2 palette, ‘The Basics,’ by Urban Decay

This eyeshadow palette is like, the gold standard. It’s basic, as the name implies, but it’s high quality. Whether you wear makeup every day or just on the weekends, this is an excellent palette to have in your bag. You can learn what looks best on your skin if you’re just starting out with makeup, or you can layer the colors and play with the look, if you’re more advanced.

How much?

4. Benefit ‘Precisely My Brow’ Pencil

OK, raise your hand if you over-plucked your eyebrows in middle school, high school, college or all of the above. (Yeah, I’ll raise mine).

Darn, we really should have listened to our mothers when they told us to leave those alone!

Anyway, a fuller brow is back, and in case you or your giftee has any sparse patches to fill in, this pencil will do just the trick. Bonus: It’s SO easy to use. Some of those brow kits are tricky -- evening out both sides and determining where to put the highlighter, or how long to make each end. With this product, you just kind of fill in your gaps and keep it moving. No muss, no fuss!

How much?

5. Your Skin But Better, CC+ Cream with SPF

This stuff is great for your skin (you know, as the name implies), it has a ton of SPF, it’s easy to apply and it’s basically the base of any polished look. It feels nice on your skin, too, which isn’t always the case.

How much?

6. Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser and Bamboo Booster

This product claims to remove dirt, makeup and sunscreen. And MAN, does it deliver. I swear by this stuff.

Your skin feels heavenly once you’re all clean. It’s rich, nourishing, and it’s a must-buy. You might think $34 is a lot to spend, but you only use a tiny bit of the cleanser at a time. It’ll last you well into 2023 if you do it right!

How much?

7. Christian Dior Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara

This mascara = holy grail. You’ll start getting asked if you’re wearing fake lashes ... and you’re not. You’ve just finally found your new favorite mascara.

Apply a few coats of this magical potion (if you’re truly getting glammed up) and you’ll see some Bambi lashes in no time. It’ll be hard to stray and sample other mascaras once you’ve introduced this stuff into your routine.

How much?

8. Timeless smoothing primer by Tarte

If you’re buying for someone who goes for that “Photoshopped” look -- meaning, basically, flawless skin, then you have to buy this. It’s just that simple. It’s an Instagram filter in a bottle.

You put it on under your foundation, and really rub it into your pores, and honestly, it just makes you look so polished. Pro tip: It’s expensive, so only wear it for fancy occasions.

How much?

9. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks -- all the colors, tbh.

These go on smooth, stay on all day (honestly, eat whatever you want for lunch), and the colors pop.

They can be a little drying, so we’ll recommend making sure your lips are hydrated before you apply, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better liquid lipstick that remains in place. Give it a shot!

How much?

10. This Real Techniques Brush Set

People who are into beauty products and skin care and the whole 9 yards … well, it’s safe to say they have a pretty solid makeup collection at this point. But, do they have a high-quality set of brushes to apply all those top-of-the-line products? Or should you, perhaps, sweep in and save the day with this epic brush collection? (OR buy it for yourself?)

Brushes are everything. If you’re really looking to up your game, make sure you have the best possible set.

How much?

11. Philosophy fresh cream fragrance

This perfume is so delicate, so gentle and so FRESH smelling. You’re going to love it.

We realize purchasing a fragrance can be challenging at times, because it’s easy to get caught up wondering, if it’s a gift, for example, “What would that person like?” Or if it’s for you, questioning your own judgment or wondering if it would work as an everyday scent.

Anyway, this just might be the universal perfume. It’s ideal for everyday use or date night -- truly any occasion; very soft and understated. You’ll buy it for years to come.

How much?

12. Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer

It’s a bit of a splurge, but hair is important, you know? It’s on your head every single day.

Only buy this for someone who would appreciate it wholeheartedly (who cares about his or her mane a LOT). But all that said, you get what you pay for, as they say. This looks like the best of the best.

How much?

13. SuperCool OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf

Here’s another cool product: mattifying powder. If you need to spruce up your ‘do midday, or even before a night on the town, you just sprinkle in the teeniest bit of this stuff, right in your roots. Give your head a sassy shake, and it’s like, automatic volume -- a perfect little refresh.

Also, the container should last you a full year, if not longer.

How much?

14. This contour kit

This is similar to No. 1 on our list, but it’s truly a simpler, less shiny version.

We’d be remiss to leave it out or fail to mention this incredible product.

If you’re older, or would like to appear less shiny, give this a shot. It’s a great beginners kit -- always go powder over the cream version if you’re just starting out, when it comes to contouring.

How much?

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This was first published in 2017. It has since been updated.