Retailers are selling distasteful COVID-inspired Halloween masks, costumes. Here’s what we found

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HOUSTON – While most costume stores like Party City and Spirit Halloween are straying away from selling any coronavirus-related items (other than reusable face masks), there are a few online retailers that have released at least one item derived from the deadly virus.

After a lengthy internet search, we were able to locate several not-so-pleasant masks and costumes on Amazon that ranged in price from $15.99 to $49.99.

Here’s what we found:

COVID-19 beer costume

This “Corona” beer costume is the least distasteful of the bunch. With the name of the Mexican beer brand having been easily linked with the name of the disease, although having no relation, this costume seems to have been pretty easy to come up with.

The costume’s beer label reads “No Known Cure COVID-19.″ Note the mask on the person wearing the costume.

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Coronavirus latex mask

This ghoulish, cartoon-looking lime-green latex mask is one of the many available mask options on the site.

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Plague doctor

This is probably the only costume you’ll be able to find at a local Halloween store. The Plague Doctor — a physician who treated patients from the bubonic plague, better known as the Black Plague — used the beaked mask as a form of personal protective equipment.

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Toilet paper roll

Ok, this one is actually kind of funny. Remember when everyone rushed to the stores for toilet paper and caused a shortage?

This costume is the most expensive on our list.

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Coronavirus Trump mask

Eek... This mask is priced at $17.99 plus tax and shipping. Not to mention it’s highly distasteful.

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Gory coronavirus latex mask

This gory-looking “virus” mask is another of several available on the site.

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Do you think it’s OK to dress up in one of these costumes for Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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