‘Tiger King’ is just the beginning: These are 10 creative costumes you’ll love for Halloween 2020

Tiger King, Carole Baskin and John Finlay
Tiger King, Carole Baskin and John Finlay (Photo courtesy of @julzbabeberry via BoredPanda/Pinterest)

HOUSTON – It’s not too early to get creative on your costume this Halloween season.

From “Fortnite" to the hit “Tiger King” documentary, 2020 costumes are all about being creative this Halloween season.

Check out 10 costume ideas seen on Pinterest that are sure to draw the best kind of compliments.

Let’s take a look below.

Tiger King

The Netflix documentary series has gained popularity for its weirdness and the mystery surrounding the big cat population. With regular clothing, you can dress up as Joe Exotic, Carol Baskins and John Finlay, and maybe dress up your pet as a tiger.

Baby Yoda

This could be one of the CUTEST costumes for the Star Wars fans who happen to have a little one celebrating their first Halloween! There are several DIY Baby Yoda costumes on Etsy, including this one below that does not require sewing or crafting experience.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In honor of the hit video game movie that debuted in theaters back in February, you can make this simple DIY Sonic costume with five items or less. The ring can be constructed with a simple foam ring from craft stores and gold spray paint.

Plague Doctor

We’ve probably seen at least one of them in our local stores, but the Plague Doctor, a reference to the 14th century Bubonic Plague, is also becoming a popular costume because of the coronavirus pandemic. The mask can be commissioned by an artist or created with simple leather material found at craft stores.


Yep, Fortnite is still popular! Kids will enjoy DIY-made costumes ranging from Drift to Tomato Man, made with regular clothing.

Roaring 20s

We are in the 2020s, after all. A popular style as we rang in the new year in January can also become a great Halloween costume.

Most of the items, based on the picture below, can be purchased at a good price on Amazon, or at your local costume store.

White Claw

Everyone’s favorite low-calorie, low-sugar beverage is now a Halloween costume! You can purchase the knock-off version at Spirit Halloween, or you can create your own like the ladies in the photo below.

Day of the Dead

Even though Day of the Dead is not until Nov. 2, it’s not too early to dress up ahead of time for the occasion. Flowers from craft stores compliment the look, and you can be creative with your calavera mask and clothing with whatever you desire.

80′s style

Can you believe the 80′s were almost 40 years ago? Celebrate the decade this Halloween with your favorite fluorescent colors and extravagant accessories that scream the 1980s.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Another 2020-related figure is on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who oversees the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a favored costume idea for 2020. Posts on Pinterest have honored the U.S. top doctor by wearing a simple doctor coat with a stethoscope and a name tag with his name “Anthony S. Fauci, MD." Complete the costume by purchasing a “Fauci wig” from Etsy.

Do you know of any other creative costumes that are perfect for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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