PHOTOS: This woman’s viral prank on her husband is the joy we need right now

Nate Overton, Sharea's husband, snoozes in this photoshopped image. (Courtesy of Sharea Overman/Facebook)

An Indiana woman is going viral for a prank she pulled on her husband while on a road trip with her three kids, CNN reported.

Sharea Overman snapped a photo of her husband, Nate, who seemed to be taking a relaxed snooze while driving on the road, and shared the picture on a Facebook group in which she was a part.

“We (were) on the road and my husband fell asleep,” she wrote on her original Facebook post, “Can y’all Photoshop things in the window so I can show him what he missed while he was asleep?”

The submissions started pouring in, and so did the laughs.

Well as most of you know, the post about me and Nate is going viral and is now making its way onto Twitter 😳😂 shocked is...

Posted by Sharea Overman on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Photoshopped images of her husband came through with characters in “The Walking Dead" to UFOs invading Earth and “Tiger King."

Overman told CNN that she could not contain her laughter after reviewing the submissions she received, especially from different countries. She eventually showed her husband the album of hilarious photos.

She also told CNN that many people who messaged her have told her that they needed a good laugh amid the events the year 2020 brought.

“It’s been so humbling because what started out as something so silly, has turned into all of this," Overman told CNN. "We are putting smiles on faces we don’t even know.”

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