From Blackbeard Road to Rhett Butler Court, here are some of oddest street names in the Houston area

They don’t name 'em like this anymore!

The Houston area flaunts tons of streets and plenty of those have run-of-the-mill names you wouldn’t think twice about (e.g. Main Street). But some area streets rep less commonplace names, and, as the old adage goes, birds of a feather really do flock together.

Below we list nine neighborhoods in the area boasting an unusually large array of unusual street names.

The stars at night are big and bright

One neighborhood in Tomball looked to the stars for inspiration when it came to naming its streets.

Neighborhood: North Star Estates

Street names: Bearing Star Lane, Castor Street, Pollux Court, Orion Drive, Polaris Boulevard, Spica Street, Altair Drive,

The Lone Star State’s scenic spots

Neighborhood: One Fort Bend neighborhood named its streets after some of the state’s most scenic spots.

Street names: Davis Mountain Drive, Mineral Wells Drive, Hueco Tanks Drive, Seminole Canyon Drive, Choke Canyon Drive, Dinosaur Valley Drive, Longhorn Cavern Drive, Pedernales Falls Drive, Balmorhea Lane, Lost Maples Drive, Inks Lake Drive, Natural Bridges Lane, McKinney Falls Lane, Caprock Canyons Lane, Copano Bay Drive, Possum Kingdom Lane, Mustang Island Drive

Carried away and “Gone With The Wind”

Twelve Oaks in Tomball is the stuff of a Gone With the Wind junkie’s dreams. Here, references to the bestselling book turned Hollywood blockbuster abound. The neighborhood itself is named for the plantation of Ashley Wilkes, the southern gentleman with whom the story’s protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara, is obsessed. Street names throughout the enclave reference Ashley, Scarlett, her plantation, Tara, Ashley’s wife Melanie, raconteur and Scarlett’s love interest Rhett Butler and twin brothers Brett and Stuart Tarleton, with whom Scarlett occasionally flirts. Also referenced is Davis O. Selnick, the motion picture’s producer.

Neighborhood: Twelve Oaks

Street names: Scarlett Manor Court, Wilkes Park Road, Melanie Pointe, Rhett Butler Court, Tarlton Court, Butler Hill Court, Selznick Park

Music to our ears

A community in Livingston named its streets for famous musicians.

Neighborhood: Wild Country Lake Estates

Street names: Elvis Presley Road, Patsy Cline Road, Gene Autry Trail, Porter Waggner Road, Tex Ritter Road, Roy Rogers, Johnny Cash Road

On the high seas

Several of the streets in Jamaica Beach are named for or reference notable pirates in history and literature.

Neighborhood: Jamaica Beach

Street names: Buccaneer Drive, John Silver Road, Ponce de Leon, Jolly Roger Road, Blackbeard Road, Captain Kidd Road, Lewis Scott Road, John Davis Road, Edward Teach Road, Captain Hook, Captain Bligh, Davy Jones Road, Moby Dick, Fletcher Christian, Henry Morgan Road, Francis Drake Road

A tried and true formula

A northeast Houston neighborhood near Eastex Freeway combined the suffix “tex” with an arboreal theme to name many of its streets.

Neighborhood: Eastex Oaks

Street names: Pinetex Drive, Ashtex Drive, Willowtex Drive, Elmtex Drive, Pecantex Drive, Mosstex Drive, Peachtex Drive, Hickorytex Drive, Leatex Drive, Plumtex.

A rose by any other name

Elysie Lanier, the wife of real estate developer and former Houston mayor Bob Lanier, named the streets in one of her husband’s developments, Twin Lakes, for a variety of roses.

Neighborhood: Twin Lakes

Street names: Summer Snow Drive, Honor Drive, Tropicana Drive, China Doll Court, Sunbright Drive, Fragrant Cloud Court, Oregold Drive, Grand Masterpiece Lane, Sundowner Drive, Sweet Surrender Court, Golden Wings Court, Amber Queen Lane, Kings Ransom Court

More music to our ears

A neighborhood in northwest Houston took inspiration from music for its street names.

Neighborhood: Woodwind Lakes

Street names: Ensemble Drive, Andante Drive, Allegro Drive, Melody Circle, Serenade Lane, Rhapsody Lane, Concerto Circle, Adagio Avenue, Golden Chord Circle, Cadenza Court, Toccata Boulevard, Percussion Place

Runners, on your mark

A development along Lake Houston named a portion of its streets track events and other running and walking-related outdoor activities.

Neighborhood: Walden on Lake Houston

Street names: Relay Road, Cross Country Drive, Baton Pass, Mile Run Road, Joggers Lane, Sprintwood Court


What Houston-area streets would you add to this list? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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