Get to know ‘The Chilton', a cocktail invented by a Texas doctor

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It’s hot in Texas, no doubt about it, and we could all use a refreshing, yet Texas-style cocktail to enjoy as we enter the dog days of summer.

But did you know that this drink was invented by a doctor in West Texas?

Enter the Chilton, a lemony cocktail made with fresh lemon juice with a southern flair. According to Wide Open Eats and Texas Monthly, a Lubbock doctor named Dr. Chilton asked a bartender at the Lubbock Country Club to craft up a custom cocktail made with lemon juice, vodka, club soda and ice, along with a salt rim.

Today, Lubbockites and Texas Tech alumnus enjoy this drink and share with the rest of their fellow Texans.

How to make the Chilton:

Juice of 2 lemons

1 1/2 ounces Vodka

Club Soda

Rim the glass with salt, then fill with ice. Add vodka, lemon juice and club soda. Stir gently, then garnish with lemon wedge.

Recipe from Texas Monthly. Read more about it here.

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