Is someone in your community spreading love and kindness? We want to hear about it

A man ties a woman's shoes for her.
A man ties a woman's shoes for her.

With everything going on in the world right now, sometimes it might seem difficult to find moments of joy or happiness, especially when turning on the news.

We want to help change that.

Do you have a neighbor who is spreading kindness to your community? Maybe a friend who is making masks at home and donating them to hospitals? Any story about someone in your life who is doing something good is what we want to hear about -- the positive, uplifting people who deserve to be celebrated.

We’d love to learn more about this person. Submit photos of them and/or the kind thing they did, and then tell us how this person went above and beyond.

It doesn’t have to be a huge grand gesture. Something as small as watering an elderly neighbor’s flowers or donating canned goods is still something good and deserves to be celebrated.

Fill out the form below and you might be featured in an upcoming story.

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