Little Mermaid statue vandalized with the words ‘racist fish’

Racist Fish (New York Post Twitter)

The Hans Christian Andersen statue in Copenhagen of the Little Mermaid has been vandalized with the phrase “racist fish.”

The perpetrator of the crime is still unknown, and the case is under investigation.

The statue was a tribute to Andersen’s beloved fairy tale. The story is devoted to a mermaid princess who falls in love in with a human prince.

According to Sky News, another case of vandalism with another statue in Copenhagen occurred last month. It was of a Danish missionary that was a key part in colonizing Greenland. Except this statue was tagged with “decolonize,” in red paint, Sky News reported.

It’s unknown if the two incidents are linked, Sky News said.

However, the Little Mermaid statue has been a popular vandalism target since 1964. Past instances involved the statue being beheaded, blown up and decapitated. Though the reason for the racism vandalism is unknown, “Free Hong Kong” was painted on the statue in January as a political message.