5 heartwarming Father’s Day DIY gifts small children can make to surprise Dad this year

Father's Day Handprint gift (lilyardor.com)

HOUSTON – Father’s Day is this coming Sunday! Have your kids planned a gift yet?

Why not get crafty and sharpen your kids’ DIY skills with fun projects that will warm dad’s heart.

A handcrafted gift will brighten any dad. So grab the scissors, glue and paint!

Here are five DIY gifts you can make with your kids for Dad:

1. Handprint Father’s Day Gift

A wonderful gift to melt dad’s heart this year! All you need is paint, foam letters and a wooden board.

Father's Day Handprint gift (lilyardor.com)

2. DIY Paperbag Father’s Day Storybook

Give dad a personalized gift for him to enjoy! Grab some favorite pictures, scrapbook paper and string to create your own storybook.

Father's Day DIY Picture Book (iheartcraftythings.com)

3. Father’s Day Craft Stick Roll-up Card

This is a perfect craft to recycle popsicle sticks and leftover ribbon! Grab some glue and markers and have your kids write five things they love about their dad.

Father's Day DIY Roll-up card (Michael's)

4. Father’s Day Candy Tackle Box

For those fishing-enthusiastic dads out there, grab an empty tackle box, and dad’s favorite candy. Tell him he is the “catch of the day!"

Father's Day Tackle Box (iheartcraftythings.com)

5. Father’s Day Candy Tie

This is an easy craft that teaches kids how to sew. Fill the tie with some of his favorite candy and have him wear it to show how a proud dad he is!

Daddy's Love Tie (thatscrafty.com)

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