Nolan Ryan to Texans on COVID-19: ‘Don’t be a knucklehead’

'Don't be a knucklehead," says hall-of-famer Nolan Ryan (Office of the Governor of Texas/Twitter)

Hall-of-famer Nolan Ryan has a message for Texans as COVID-19 remains present in the state.

In a video posted on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Twitter account, Ryan shared a special message to Texans as the state loosens restrictions.

“As we open Texas for business, we all need to work together in the fight against COVID-19," Ryan said in the video. “We need to be smart. So when you leave the house, don’t be a knucklehead.”

Ryan emphasized in his PSA the importance of using facial coverings while in public, washing hands for at least 20 seconds and practicing social distancing from people not in the same household.

“Do the right thing. Look out for your fellow Texans and together we’ll make it through this,” Ryan said.

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