Golf equipment gift guide 101: Take this quiz to help score ultimate hole-in-one on Father’s Day

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While the COVID-19 pandemic likely will alter some aspects of how Father’s Day is typically celebrated, it doesn’t appear it will hamper one notable Father’s Day pastime: Golf.

Because it’s outdoors and an easy activity to practice social distancing, it’s pretty much business as usual for golf courses and golfers this summer, with the exception of a few small guidelines such as how many people can be in the pro shop at one time and not being allowed to touch flagsticks.

With that, anything golf-related remains a great Father’s Day gift, and below is both a quiz and guide for those who may not be familiar with the sport and all the accessories involved.

Our apologies in advance to the more serious golfers who think this quiz on golf equipment will be an insult to their intelligence -- but it’s more so intended for those who have no clue when it comes to golf specifics, or people who want a primer when it comes to buying golf-related gifts.

In the end, hopefully everyone will win.

So go see how low, errr, high, you can go on this quiz -- but remember that in this instance, it’s not the score that ultimately counts. What really matters is the knowledge gained to help you score a hole-in-one when it comes to a Father’s Day gift.

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