Pearl Beer is making a comeback this summer in Texas

Pearl xXx beer not only has a new vintage-look bottle, but a new formula too. (Courtesy of Dallas Morning News)

Pearl Beer will be making a return to the beer scene after a long hiatus.

‘Pearl xXx’, the new marketed name, will feature a new design and a new formula for beer lovers, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The beer will be brewed with the help of Austin-based brewery Oasis Texas Brewing Company. It was previously brewed in Fort Worth and then eventually in San Antonio for more than 100 years.

“We used a bit more of a craft approach to making this beer, producing it closer to home in the Texas Hill Country, and on a smaller scale, for a fresher beer,” Daniel Crawford, brand manager for Pearl Beer told Dallas Morning News. “It’s a modern take on a classic American lager ― crisp, smooth and easy drinking with a touch of citrus,”

Pearl xXx will be marketed in Texas only, with initial rollouts in Austin and San Antonio only. The brewery plans to distribute to other places statewide later this year.

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