This mom shows that cutting your son’s hair at home doesn’t have to be scary

Lauren did a pretty god job of cutting her son Michael's hair. (Style Wise.)

We’re at the point in quarantine where an at-home haircut seems inevitable.

If you’re a little nervous to do the cut on yourself or perhaps a child, just watch this video of a mom doing it for the first time -- and maybe you won’t be so scared.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan tasked Lauren, a mother of three boys, to give her son Michael a haircut, and despite Lauren’s apprehension, the haircut turned out perfect.

What was the key to Lauren’s success?

You’ll have to watch the full video to see, but having a pair of thinning shears at home for sure helped the process along.

Oh, and having lots of candy on deck to keep your child distracted wouldn’t hurt, either.

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