We asked about your favorite teachers: These responses will touch your soul

We really don’t deserve teachers

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Tuesday marks National Teacher Appreciation Day, so leading up to the big occasion, we had to ask: Who was your favorite teacher, growing up? What made that person so special and memorable?

The responses came pouring in -- and they were so heartfelt and touching.

We’ve compiled a bunch, in hopes that perhaps the mentioned educator will get some recognition (so TAG that person if you recognize a name or school district!), and perhaps to serve as some inspiration: for future teachers, parents who are having to teach their children virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation-- or maybe just to put a smile on your face. Teachers are so good.

Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for clarity, length and grammar. Readers could choose how many specifics they’d like to share, so some educators have first names and/or courtesy titles provided, others don’t. Some mention a geographical region, others do not. Happy reading!

This educator who was more than just a teacher.

Lois Moyer at Plymouth Canton Community Education Starkweather (1990-?)

“She encouraged me that I mattered, that I was creative that my ideas mattered. She was absolutely amazing, patient and the kindest woman ever! I should note that, at the time I went here, I had lost my home and was living with my boyfriend and some friends. I was really scared, overwhelmed and unsure of my life. My mom had lost our apartment after my grandpa died and so my life changed and got really scary all at once, but Lois encouraged journaling and poetry to get my feelings out. It was due to her encouragement and help that I wrote my first ‘published’ poem, Spring Sorrows.”

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