HERE 2 HELP: 5 ways you can help those affected by COVID-19 using social media

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HOUSTON – As Houstonians are hunkering down, working from home and going online more, people are turning to social media to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

From fundraisers to live video to small business promotions, social media has helped many connect with people while being apart.

Promote small businesses, including small online shops

Small businesses need all the help they can get, especially those online retail businesses who rely on profits from you, the customer. Create a post that promotes the business, add what they sell, and state whether all proceeds they earn will go towards their employees.

If you know a friend or family member who also has an online shop, social media is a great way to spread their word.

Using hashtags such as #smallbusinesslove, #shoplocal and #smallbizshoutout can bring the attention to followers and visitors.

Create a Pinterest list

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Pinterest reported that many users’ lists often violate their community guidelines. Instead, they will only allow lists that provide truthful, medically-confirmed information that people should read and/or follow.

As long as you create a list such as local volunteer opportunities and what local restaurants will be open, it should not be flagged by the website.

Start a Facebook fundraiser on a COVID-19-related cause, or a cause you support

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Since social distancing kept fundraisers from operating in person, Facebook’s Fundraising section allows users to create one in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, or for another cause.

There are several COVID-19 crisis fundraisers, including this one where every dollar will go towards relief.

Start a live Q&A on coronavirus

Facebook Live Camera
Facebook Live Camera (StockSnap)

Students, especially those in grade school, had so many questions regarding the rest of the school year. This included graduation, virtual learning, and general coronavirus questions. Teachers and administrators took advantage of social media to keep in touch with students and fellow staff members.

Starting a Q&A on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube can definitely gather some viewers. Be sure to look up the right information for your answers, and have your followers spread the word on your video!

Connect with an influencer to help spread the word

Instagram Influencer
Instagram Influencer (Cloudlynx)

Do you follow local Instagram influencers? Ask them if they would like to collaborate with you to spread the word on COVID-19 relief.

It could be a simple thing like fast facts on coronavirus, examples of social distancing protocols, or even a volunteer shift at the local food bank!