PHOTOS: Take a look inside Shel Silverstein’s houseboat that is on the market for $783K

Houseboat (Christian Klugmann)

HOUSTON – Writer Shel Silverstein’s houseboat is on the market after undergoing major renovations.

Silverstein purchased the repurposed World War II-era balloon barge that had been turned into a houseboat in 1967.

After the writer died, he left the boat to his friend, Larry Moyer.

Moyer died in 2016 and the boat was sold for $375,000 the following year, The Vintage News reports according to LA Times.

The new owner remodeled the houseboat and it’s now on the market for $783,000.

The houseboat which offers 1,200 feet of living space is moored in Sausalito, California.

The houseboat features two bedrooms, skylights, and an updated kitchen and bathroom.

The main room on the first floor has remained largely untouched since Silverstein purchased it back in the ‘60s and is funky and a little bohemian, and full of original wood, according to The Vintage News.

The main room also features a large stained-glass window. Plenty of natural light is received from skylights overhead and regular windows on the opposite end of the room.

Take a look:

The entryway (Christian Klugmann)
Dining room (Christian Klugmann)
The kitchen (Christian Klugmann)
The kitchen (Christian Klugmann)
The living room (Christian Klugmann)
The bathroom (Christian Klugmann)
Bedroom (Christian Klugmann)

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