11 things to know about Lisa Hernandez

Lisa Hernandez and her family (KPRC)

Lisa Hernandez joined the KPRC 2 News Today team on Wednesday.

Hernandez will co-anchor the morning newscast with Owen Conflenti.

She previously anchored at KHOU-TV for eight years.

Here are 11 things to know about her:

1. Are you a morning person?

Yep! In 20 years of working in news, 15 of them have been spent working graveyard or 3 a.m. shift. I’m used to it — even on days off sleeping past 6 a.m. rarely happens.

2. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

My life right now is kids and dogs! We have six dogs in the house currently (we rescue and foster), and we have two daughters: 5-month-old Madison and 4-year-old Taylor. My house is a mess. If I can get a workout in once I’ve cleaned, awesome. Sometimes the workout is dragging the vacuum up the stairs.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you have learned as a parent?

That you learn from them as much as they learn from you. I'm a better person because of my kids.

4. Outside of Houston, of course, where have you most enjoyed living and why?

Indio, California! My hometown. If you’ve ever been to the beautiful Coachella Valley, you know why. We try to get back there as often as we can.

5. Where’s a place you love going with your family?

With no place to go right now, we’re relying heavily on walks around the neighborhood with the dogs. Just getting outside improves everyone’s mood.

6. What does a good date with your husband in Houston look like?

We’re easy. Good food and time together is all we need. And if you can throw an Astros game into the mix (or right now ESPN’s “The Last Dance”), we’re set.

7. During these times, how do you keep you and your family sane indoors?

By reminding each other how blessed we are to have a home, to have food in the pantry, to have running water, to have access to medical care. It’s easy to complain, but when you hear what others are going through, the pity party ends pretty quick.

8. What’s your favorite Texas day trip?

It usually involves getting a rescue dog on-board transport to another state. Not sure that really qualifies as a day trip, but for instance, today I’ll spend a couple of hours round-trip getting an abandoned pit bull on a van to Seattle. (He’s gonna have a great life! 🙌) God bless the rescues still up and running during a pandemic.

9. Whataburger or In-N-Out and why?

I’d be in either drive-thru right now if there was a plant-based option on the menu! I don’t eat meat or dairy.

10. What makes a great story?

Shining a light on a situation that ends in helping others. If you have a platform, use it.

11. Why is journalism important today?

I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t important. What’s paramount today, more than ever, is earning and maintaining the public’s trust. A story is nothing without credible, fact-checked information and it’s our job to deliver that kind of quality news every day.