HERE 2 HELP: 5 ways your kids can help local food pantries in the Houston area

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HOUSTON – There are ways for you to help kids help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Feeding America published a family action plan for kids to learn about hunger and ways they can help the community, especially during these trying times. This will teach them that there may be a chance that their classmates may not have the access to food.

As hunger continues to be one of the issues to tackle during the pandemic, you can teach kids to help donate to pantries all over the Houston area. Here are ways to help out:

1. Create a donation jar

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With supervision, have your kids decorate a glass jar and place it somewhere around the house. Collect donations for your local food pantry. And when full, you can have your kids bring the jar to donate to the local food pantry.

2. Plant a family garden

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If you have a garden in your yard, you can divide a plot for your kids to grow delicious vegetables to help others who may not have access to fresh-grown produce.

3. Volunteer as a family

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Talk to your kids about volunteering at a local food bank, such as the Houston Food Bank. They will learn about volunteerism and helping others that need the most.

4. Host a lemonade stand

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Not only this would encourage volunteerism, but also entrepreneurship for your kids. With social distancing encouraged, have your kids set up a lemonade stand for your neighborhood and tell neighbors that they are raising funds for the food bank.

5. Host a community food drive

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If your child is part of a group such as the Girl Scouts or 4H, or if you’re in touch with his or her school teacher, try organizing a community food drive for your kids and their classmates to collect canned goods and produce to donate to the food pantry.

How to help

Here are some of the following food banks and food pantries where you can find more information on how to donate/give to those in need:

Houston Food Bank - 713.223.3700

Pearland Neighborhood Center - 281.485.1987

Galveston County Food Bank - 409-945-4232

East Spring Branch Food Pantry - (713) 464-0852

Heights Interfaith Ministries - (713) 861-6155