Simple, effective ways to make your Facebook conversations more civil

Are people on your News Feed fighting about stay-at-home orders? Resist the temptation to join in

Facebook (Stock image/Pexels)

It’s a strange time. Anyone else finding themselves spending more time than usual on social media, considering the coronavirus pandemic?

Social media is a great place to interact, but it can also be volatile, depending on how many “friends” you have and whether they’re the type to voice their opinions loudly -- or whether you follow people or groups with particularly loud comment sections.

Especially considering the stay-at-home orders and what people believe about everything involving COVID-19 -- which can be political -- needless to say, it might be a personal decision, regarding whether you even want to log into the social networking site right about now.

Facebook was once all about connecting with long-lost friends and school pals, or maybe even forging new friendships. Is it still?

Sometimes, you can see why some consider it divisive.

But like most things, Facebook is whatever you want to make it.

You don’t have to give up on social media in general, or even Facebook in particular.

The social media giants say they’re working hard behind the scenes to remove bot accounts and build a better platform.