Takeout Shoutout: Alicia’s Mexican Grille in the spotlight

KATY, Texas – Alicia’s Mexican Grille, a family owned Tex-Mex restaurant, strives to serve delicious homemade dishes with a creative flair.

Two examples are their lobster enchiladas and their chipotle chicken. They also serve super thin, almost see-through, flour tortillas that you won’t believe.

What we love about Alicia’s is the emphasis on quality and the “touch-of-home” flavor that comes with every meal. The restaurant is also very cozy and beautifully decorated, with a ton of rich, dark, wood and a massive bar.

We want to keep Alicia’s in business and you can help make that happen by bringing the Alicia’s crew your business the next time you want a fantastic Tex-Mex meal at home.

Location: 25725 Katy Freeway

Hours: Opens at 11 a.m. Monday through Sunday