Veterinarians are considered ‘essential’ and work on the front lines

HOUSTON – Much of Southeast Texas is under a “stay at home” order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. And under that order, only businesses that are deemed “essential” are allowed to remain open, which includes veterinarians.

Veterinarian Stephen Chamaitelli said, like many other vets, his clinic has switched to curbside care so clients never have to go inside the building.

“We’re taking safeguards not just to protect our clients, but also protect staff,” Chamaitelli said.

He said they're also cutting back on elective procedures so they can conserve their PPE.

“As vets, we do keep a stock anyways. We’re trying to ration out what we won’t use in the next month to donate to hospitals and other medical facilities,” Chamaitelli said. “We take pride in serving our clients and we’re thankful to be open during this time to continue that service.”