Even in the midst of a pandemic, we see the best in humanity

People can be so good. Have you noticed a random act of kindness? We want to hear about it!

A woman carrying out groceries.
A woman carrying out groceries. (Lina Kivaka/Pexels photo)

For those of us who are in citywide and community groups on virtual spaces and apps such as Facebook and Nextdoor, these past few weeks have been interesting ones, as the coronavirus situation has changed daily and regionally -- with many schools across the country now being closed for the remainder of the year and people urged to self-quarantine, even if they’re not sick.

And who knows how long it will last?

It’s all about lowering the number of people who are out and about, considering how contagious this new coronavirus, COVID-19, really is.

But it’s in these city and neighborhood groups where you might have noticed community members are starting to lean on each other more and more: perhaps like the old days. This is when we need our “village.”

Are you just here to share a random act of kindness you’ve spotted? Scroll all the way to the bottom!

Here’s one example we noticed mid-March.

A screenshot from a group in Royal Oak, Michigan.
A screenshot from a group in Royal Oak, Michigan. (Facebook)

We love that.

And some other messages and posts that have been popping up in groups like this one include the following:

  • People offering up babysitters that they know and trust for parents and caregivers who are still working, or who need some help as they work “essential jobs” from home.
  • College students and stay-at-home parents offering their own services and schedules if they can handle additional children and it’s safe to do so.
  • Job opportunities: Neighbors talking about their experience as Shipt shoppers, for example -- this might be a great time to work for a similar grocery delivery service if you’re low on cash and you’re comfortable going out.
  • Recommendations for people’s favorite local restaurants, some of which are offering takeout deals -- and chatting about the best ways to support local businesses right now. Should you buy a gift card? If your favorite eatery is still open, how can you help? Opinions on this vary, and can be personal, but it’s a great topic of conversation with your neighbors.
  • “Where can I find toilet paper/hand sanitizer/the quickest grocery store lines?” Is a popular topic, with tips from people who are out, informing the masses about what’s in stock and where.
  • PSAs about school districts and groups providing free meals for children out of school.

And that leads us to this next question: Have you performed, or been the recipient of a random act of kindness over the past week or so?

Here are a few more acts that we thought deserved some attention. This is what we’re talking about.

A screenshot from Facebook
A screenshot from Facebook (Facebook)
A screenshot from Facebook.
A screenshot from Facebook. (Facebook)
A screenshot from Facebook.
A screenshot from Facebook. (Facebook)
A screenshot from Facebook.
A screenshot from Facebook. (Facebook)

Do you know of businesses, groups or individuals doing a little extra to help others?

Let’s inspire a movement of kindness.

We want to hear your examples.

Call out a business or neighbor using our form below.

Here’s one of our favorite responses so far:

“A friend from my old city (Portland) shared one of the local pubs that is providing free sanitizer made from any unused alcohol. Saw it and it immediately lifted my spirits in this crazy time.”

Photo submitted by a reader.
Photo submitted by a reader. (Courtesy photo)

And if you have a screenshot, please upload it here.

We’re all in this together.

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