This H-E-B hack gets you free warm tortillas

Tortillas being made at an H-E-B bakery. (H-E-B)

SAN ANTONIO – It is a known fact that tortillas are delicious and, lucky for Texans, H-E-B has some of the best tortillas out there.

Bon Appetit recently wrote a feature entirely about H-E-B tortillas calling them “the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there," and for good reason.

Here’s the low down on the Texas grocer’s tortilla operation:

  • H-E-B makes five different tortillas: Flour, wheat, butter, southwestern and half-butter-half-corn
  • There are a variety of tortillas available on the shelves in the bread aisle in addition to the bakery
  • All the dough for the tortillas sold in stores comes from a bakery plant in San Antonio
  • H-E-B currently has 418 stores in Texas and Mexico and nearly every location has an in-store tortilleria

So what’s the hack for free tortillas? It’s as easy as asking - nicely. KSAT reached out to H-E-B and a spokesperson confirmed “stores frequently provide samples for a variety of products, including tortillas from our bakery.”

Even more good news? H-E-B donates all excess to local food banks.

In regard to the tortillas, the spokesperson told KSAT, “We are pretty good at predicting sales and demand so this product rarely has excess on a daily basis. But, in general, all short-dated products in our stores gets picked up by the food bank daily.”

This story was originally published on KPRC 2′s sister website, KSAT.

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