Why you should try ‘The Doughcone,’ an unusual ice cream treat in Houston

The Doughcone is a food truck in Houston.
The Doughcone is a food truck in Houston. (Courtesy of Jill B. Jarvis)

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The Doughcone is an ice cream cone made of doughnuts.
The Doughcone is an ice cream cone made of doughnuts. (Courtesy of Jill B. Jarvis)

Each day I go to the gym, and on the cardio equipment, my friend and I spend 30 minutes watching restaurant commercials and tagging each other on food photos. (The hope is that we break even on the step mill.)

My friend has been tagging me on The DoughCone for a year… but it’s a truck and I had never found my way to it. But on a recent trip to the Barbara Fish Daniels Nature Play Area, the truck was waiting for us.

It was a beautiful day and rays of sun were reflecting off the truck as it was parked in front of the Houston skyline. Just kidding. But we were so happy to finally see the truck that we were willing to pay $8 for a cone.

The Doughcone menu
The Doughcone menu (Courtesy of Jill B. Jarvis)

A DoughCone is not a regular ice cream cone. It’s a handmade donut cone, dusted with cinnamon sugar and lined with Nutella or Biscoff Cookie Butter. It is then filled with homemande, churned to order, vanilla bean ice cream.

At the truck, you pick your cone/sundae, pick your cone lining and then pick unlimited toppings.

My daughter insisted on just chocolate and sprinkles and ignored my request for all 12 toppings. We ate the cone at the play area and were so pleased with the ice cream and cone that I didn’t even miss the candy toppings.

DoughCone is expensive (like most other over-the-top dessert places around Houston) but it was good. Have you tried it? What did you think?

The biggest concern with The DoughCone is that I didn’t brake even on calories burned at the gym!

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