Houston’s first female-focused workspace opens

Sesh Loft is female-focused coworking space. (Sesh Coworking)

HOUSTON – A new and unique female-focused workspace has opened up in Houston.

Sesh Loft, located at 1210 W Clay Street, opened its doors Monday to provide Houston women a safe and collaborative workspace.

“This is more than just a hangout with gossip and chatter. We’re here to build ourselves, build our businesses and lift up each other as we do,” said cofounder Meredith Wheeler.

At Sesh Loft women will be able to network, build their brand, grow together and help their local community, according to a press release.

The business features workshops, seminars, private workstations, a conference room and kid friendly hours to encourage women to achieve their goals no matter what life throws at them.

Guests must purchase a pass or membership to join. Passes start at $25, while monthly memberships range from $139 to $199.

Click here for more information on prices and amenities.

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