Don’t make that reservation! 5 reasons why staying at home is your best option on Valentine’s Day

Eating out for Valentine’s Day might not be the experience you think

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Going out to a nice restaurant often is the most desirable thing for couples to do on Valentine’s Day, and this year, that seems to be more of the case with the annual occasion falling on a Friday night.

But is eating out really still the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It might not be as desirable as you think.

Here are five reasons why staying at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day just might be the best option.

Your restaurant experience could be bad.

Don’t take our word for this.

Famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey said in an article on Town & Country that Valentine’s Day is “the worst day of the year to go out.”

This can be the case for a myriad of reasons for couples.

  • Restaurants could be understaffed and not be able to serve you properly.
  • The restaurant could be so overcrowded with other Valentine’s Day diners that you can’t even hear each other talk.
  • Knowing how busy they will be, restaurants stray from normal menu and shrink to a more generic menu that saves cooking time, but greatly limits your options.
  • Restaurants often price gouge on wine or other alcoholic beverages on Valentine’s Day.

The comfort, options that come with home can’t be beat.

You can dress up, or just sit around in the comfort of your PJs.

You can control any music or movies playing in the background.

It’s quiet, and romantic moments can be shared privately instead of out in public in the presence of so many others.

All of the above are just a few reasons why spending Valentine’s Day at home can have its perks.

Cooking can be romantic, too.

While pampering your loved one by going out of the house is a good option, an even better sign of your love is the effort of preparing a meal.

There’s definitely an endearing quality to planning a meal, going through the labor of making it and presenting the finished product, all for the sake of demonstrating love for your partner.

You could snag heart-shaped foods from carryout places.

In recent years, pizza restaurants, fast-food places and other carryout hotspots have offered heart-shaped food items that can get you in the mood of the day, as well.

Those items are only offered once a year, so why not take advantage and have something you can’t on any other day?

Money can be saved.

OK, on the surface, this might sound like being a cheapskate on Valentine’s Day, but hear us out.

If you’re spending less money on food and drinks staying at home rather than going out to restaurants -- which, for sure will up-charge those items -- think of what else you can do with that cash.

There’ll be more money for flowers, chocolate and other gifts, or just take the money saved and go out on a restaurant date when it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Two dates for the price of one!

Do you plan on going out or staying in on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the poll below.

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