Looking for a good brewery in Houston? Here are 3 local spots that have been named to a list of best breweries in Texas

HOUSTON – A study conducted by House Method found the most popular brewery in each U.S. state and in Texas, the top spot for best craft brewery went to Houston’s own Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

The study was conducted based on four factors including Facebook and Instagram followers, Yelp score and the number of Yelp reviews. Over 2,000 breweries were part of the study.

Two other Houston breweries, Karbach Brewing Company and Ruba Brewing, made the top five list of best breweries in Texas.

Texas currently has seven breweries ranked in the top 150 breweries nationwide. Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery Co., nationally known for Angry Orchard, Samuel Adams and Voodoo Ranger IPA beers, was ranked the most popular brewery.

Texas beers ranked in the top 150 nationwide:

30. Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, TX)

35. Saint Arnold Brewing Co. (Houston, TX)

65. Deep Ellum Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX)

97. Guadalupe Brewing Co. (New Braunfels, TX)

110. 3 Nations Brewing (Carrollton, TX)

120. Ruba Brewing (Houston, TX)

126. 5x5 Brewing Co. (Mission, TX)

Top five breweries in the state of Texas:

1. Saint Arnold Brewery Co. (Houston, TX)

2. Karbach Brewing Co. (Houston, TX)

3. Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner, TX)

4. Ruba Brewing (Houston, TX)

5. Deep Ellum Brewing Co. (Dallas, TX)