How you can you find fashionable, name-brand winter clothing that’s perfect for work for under $10 at this Katy thrift store

Calvin Klein blazer for $10

Winter clothes KPRC digital producer Brittany Taylor found at a Goodwill in Katy, Texas on Jan. 24, 2020. (KPRC)

KATY, Texas – You won’t believe what name-brand and fashionable winter-wear I found at this local thrift store. It’s a way of shopping without dropping!

This week’s search: Expensive work attire

Where we went: Goodwill in Katy, located at 21930 Kingsland Blvd.

Why we picked it: I ran across a couple of trendy and affordable winter clothing items that would be perfect for work. Professional clothes can cost you a good penny, especially blazers, but I found a few high-end blazers for less than $10.

Let’s take a look at the cute items I recently found.

My favorite, Calvin Klein blazer

I had to buy this one for myself. Calvin Klein can usually cost you around $80 to $100, but this nicely fitted black blazer cost me -- wait for it -- $10! It was still in nice condition and lightly worn.

My suggestion: Blazers are so universal. You can wear this with a professional work dress or a nice silk shirt paired with jeans.

Calvin Klein blazer found for $10 at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

Oversize blazer

I found an Ellen Tracey women’s blazer for $9.99. This blazer can cost between $110 and $140, according to Amazon. Although it’s not my size, this is where your creativity kicks in.

I also found a black fitted turtle neck dress for $7.99, which I paired with the blazer.

Black turtle neck bodycon dress found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

My suggestion: First thing I would do, roll the sleeves! Especially since its an oversized blazer, the last thing you want is for people to think its too big. I wore a black turtle neck dress that I also found at the thrift store to pair with the blazer for a Friday night out with friends. If you are wearing a dress, I would suggest thigh-high boots for a complete look. For another look, I would suggest fitted jeans and a white or solid colored turtle neck shirt with boots.

Oversize Ellen Tracy women's blazer found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

Tahari fitted blazer

This little gem stood out the most when I showed it to others. Tahari brand can cost you about $30 or more at traditional clothing stores but I found this beauty for under $10. This would stand out at any job interview or a fresh new blazer at work.

My suggestion: This would pair perfectly with any black skirt but preferably a long pencil skirt with a plain white blouse, it can also be silk. You don’t want a button-up shirt because it would take away from the blazer.

Tahara black blazer found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

Second Tahari blazer

Again, this blazer can cost you around $30 or more at your average clothing store, but I found it for under $10. This simple blazer can either be dressed up or down for a more casual tone.

My suggestion: This black striped blazer can give a more modern look by pairing it with solid high-waist pants, either black or jeans. Because of the strips, a solid short of any color can be paired.

Tahari black blazer found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

Gap raincoat

Not too many like the idea of a rainy day but it’s always good to be prepared. The worst thing is getting your jacket soaked, which is why it’s a good idea to have a raincoat in your closet for those days. A Gap raincoat can usually cost you around $90 and up but at this local Goodwill, I found one for $9.99.

My Suggestion: I mean, its a raincoat, you can’t go wrong. The best thing about this find is the quality and condition of the coat.

Gap raincoat found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

Aeropostale jacket

This black and white plaid jack could cost you between $20 and $30 but cost $12.99 at a Goodwill in Katy. Again, I would say this is more of a casual outfit to school or while you’re making errands on a cold day.

My suggestion: A cute dress of any color would go perfect with this or for a casual day, black leggings and solid-colored shirt.

Aeropostale jacket found at a Goodwill in Katy. (KPRC)

My overall recommendations

I would definitely search Pinterest for clothing ideas and see what are the latest fashion trends. Searching online boutiques such as Shein or Fashion Nova can also give you some ideas. An example would be Fashion Nova’s oversized blazer trend, which can cost you around $40 or more. I found many oversized blazers found at Goodwill for way less.

To save even more money, check your local Goodwill or thrift stores to and see what days they have specials. I went to this location on a Friday and all the store’s coats and jackets were 75 percent discounted. The biggest thing you will have to bring with you is -- patience! I can’t say this enough, it’s like digging for treasure but when you do find it, no one else will easily find it as well or have it.

Also, don’t get discouraged, if you don’t find anything at one thrift store, plan a day to go to another.

What’s your favorite thrift store in Houston?

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