Mom’s photos of her daughter’s Target-inspired playroom goes viral

A photo of Ariah Doby with her life-size Target playroom.
A photo of Ariah Doby with her life-size Target playroom. (Facebook - Renee Leann Doby)

A little girl who has a love for Target and Starbucks is going viral for her Christmas gift.

Many kids these days want a decent-sized kitchen, and others want electronics such as tablets, or other electronic devices. For Ariah Doby, all she wanted for Christmas was something more than a kitchen set.

Renee Leann Doby posted an image of her daughter Ariah’s playroom in a Facebook group she was a part of that immediately went viral.

Leann said that Target was her daughter’s favorite store. With a crazy idea, she wanted to bring the store to life as a life-sized playroom. The whole area was built using a Melissa & Doug shopping center play set.

To make it happen, she brought the idea to her sister Brigitte Doby and her friend Robby.

“Although this gift was really late, I wanted to do something special for Christmas this year,” she said in a Facebook post, “I asked my sister Brigitte and Robby for some help with this crazy idea I had.”

Doby’s sister brought in her graphic design skills to create logos of Starbucks and Target, as well as the price tags, shopping items, and sale signs. She also created the “employee of the month” photo frame for Ariah.

She also contributed to the work, having learned how to use a Cricut machine. Her Starbucks apron was also custom-made to fit the title of barista.

“I’m happy with how it turned out and even happier that Ariah loves it,” she said.

You can check out the photos below.

So I posted a picture of Ariah’s playroom in a Facebook group yesterday and I did not expect the response I got. Ariah’s...

Posted by Renèe Leann on Monday, January 13, 2020