How you can remake your kitchen to look luxurious through the picks we found at a Houston Goodwill

HOUSTON – Kitchenware can be pricey but if you’re looking to upgrade your home or add more to it without breaking the bank, you may want to take a look at these thrift items I found at a local thrift store.

For those who like nice things but need to remain on a budget, this is for you.

This week’s search: Decking out your kitchen

Where we went: Goodwill in southwest Houston, located at 9606 Hillcroft St.

Why we picked it: I’ve found this one to be really organized as much as a thrift store can be, because let’s be honest, there’s no organization when it comes to bargain shopping.

BOWLS: There are many options when it comes to dishware at thrift stores. Sometimes you can find single plates or sets. Since I’m pretty girly, these pink bowls caught my attention. They were in great condition and came in a set of four.

These bowls cost 99 cents each.

Pink bowl set at a Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

CHINA: This find is for the ones who love expensive China. I found a set of luxury porcelain-made Chinaware set that was in good condition. The set includes several teacups, plates, dessert plates and serving plates all for $74.99.

Luxury chinaware found at Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

CUPS: Ditch the paper and plastic cups. Enjoy a cocktail or wine in nice glassware for you and your guests to enjoy. There were so many options to choose from. I spotted champagne glasses, whiskey glasses and even margaritas glasses.

The cost ranged between 59 cents to 79 cents each.

These glasses remind me of the Great Gatsby!
Glassware at a Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

POTS AND PANS: These items can be a hit or miss, depending on their condition. But with a couple of runs through the dishwasher and sanitizing, your pots could look brand new. You will want to avoid any pots or pans with too many scratches and rust. You may be lucky enough to find vintage cast irons as well. The price ranged from $1.99 to $3.99.

Pots from southwest Houston Goodwill. (KPRC)

KITCHEN ORGANIZERS: If you have a collection of wine bottles, you can stay organized with a wine holder. A wine rack can get pretty pricey, especially ones made out of wood. I was able to find this wooden wine rack for $4.99. You could stop by a Lowes or Home Depot to sand the rack down and paint over it or better yet, paint over it with a darker wood stain for a more elegant look.

Wine rack found at Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

RACK: I found a cute spinning seasoning rack for $2.99!

Seasoning rack found at Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

INTERESTING FIND: Random, but interesting. I spotted a Glass Froster by Ronco for 99 cents. I immediately thought this is perfect for frosting your friends’ beer mugs.

Glass Froster by Ronco found at Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

KITCHEN DECOR: Faux plants, big or small, will cost you at least $15 and up. I was able to pair a cute flower plant and a vase together to go as a perfect centerpiece on your bar or table. To make the plant look more “new” and “glossy" I recommend wiping the plant down and spray it with hairspray. If you want some color, there we plenty of colored vases to choose from. This will cost you between $1.99 to $2.99.

Faux plant and vase at Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

There’s nothing homier than having artwork placed on your walls. This thrift store had plenty of artwork of many different sizes.

Artwork found at a Goodwill in southwest Houston. (KPRC)

My overall recommendations: There were so many finds at this location. I can’t imagine what more could be found at others in the Houston area. The main takeaways from these findings: You will have to make time and really come in with a creative eye. This is not going to be your average find-and-buy, but more so find, visualize and create. For example, the wine rack, I would suggest using a darker wood stain to give it more of a luxurious look.

I think $20-$100 would be a great start for kitchenware items. Also, don’t get discouraged, if you don’t find anything at one thrift store. This is basically a scavenger hunt for items you may not find at your average home goods store.

What’s your favorite thrift store in Houston?

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