These are the most popular pet names of 2019

Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or even a fish, pets have become an important part of the family. So much so that 90% of pet owners say their non-human family members are full-fledged members of the family, according to the American Pet Products Association.

The APPA also found that between 81% and 85% of pet owners regard their pets as a reliable daily go-to resource for affection, unconditional love, stress relief and relaxation, and improved overall health.

Along with pets being an important part of the family, a pet’s name is also a reflection of what we care about most, according to In 2019, one of the most popular trends in pet names has been naming our furry family members after celebrities or food.

If you are considering welcoming a new pet into your family, here are the top names in 2019 to consider according to

Dogs: Female

1. Bella

2. Luna

3. Lucy

4. Daisy

5. Lola

Dogs: Male

1. Max

2. Charlie

3. Cooper

4. Buddy

5. Rocky

Cats: Female

1. Luna

2. Bella

3. Oliver

4. Kitty

5. Charlie

Cats: Male

1. Oliver

2. Leo

3. Milo

4. Charlie

5. Max