Things to do with kids in Houston’s Chinatown

Six Ping Bakery
Six Ping Bakery (Jill B. Jarvis)

Chinatown! We love it, but it can be overwhelming with all the shops and restaurants.

I am certainly not an expert… and generally just drive until I happen upon something we want to try. But since I get asked a lot, below are some things-to-do to get you started. If you have Chinatown favorites, let us know!

1. My Table Chinatown Restaurant Guide: When you drive down Bellaire Boulevard, you will see (literally) hundreds of restaurants. There are so many options I find it almost impossible to pick one for lunch… Fortunately My Table put together a guide with the eight kinds of Chinese food in Chinatown, with their recommendations.

Hong Kong Food Market (Jill B. Jarvis)

2. Ice Cream: Chinatown shops do ice cream well! To start, find rolled ice cream at Class 502 and sea salt ice cream, wrapped in cotton candy at Aqua S!

Aqua S (Jill B. Jarvis)

3. Bakeries: I love the bakeries… and if your kids are not especially adventurous, you can still find something good to eat. Also, if you go in the morning, the bakeries are awake before many of the other shops and restaurants.

85°C Bakery and Six Ping are good bakeries… and here is what Yelp rates as the best. (What are your favorites?)