Halloween couples costumes you'll want to copy

The Halloween party invite just arrived, and it’s time to start figuring out what you and your boo are planning to wear this year.

If you want to coordinate your looks, here are some amazing ideas we spotted on Instagram that you’ll want to copy right now.

Be sure to share your Halloween costumes with us at share.click2houston.com.

If you loved “Moonrise Kingdom”:

Drink up:

Star Wars, the modern take:

GI Joe and Jane:

Medusa and Perseus:

Mary Poppins and the guy with the bad accent:

Marion and Indiana Jones:

Harry's Patronus and Ron's Rat Scabbers:

Grease-y Halloween:

Legend of Zelda:

Peter Pan and his shadow:

80s overload:

Nightmare Before Christmas:

Bill Nye and Ms. Frizzle:

Best Friends Forever:

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Bacon and eggs:

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Angel and devil:

Hunting for the right one:

Day of the Dead:

Ariel and Prince Eric:

Mythical creatures:

Blues Clues:

Olympic and pre-historic:

Daria and Jane:

101 Dalmatians:

Fairly Odd Parents:

Star Wars classic:

Popeye and Olive Oyl:

Peanut butter-jelly time:

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