PHOTO: Kylie Jenner wears lion-head dress and comments are fierce; See what people are saying about her now-viral Paris Fashion Week look

Kylie Jenner is seen, outside Schiaparelli, during the Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Sring Summer 2023 on January 23, 2023 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images) (Edward Berthelot, 2023 Edward Berthelot)

Kylie Jenner’s look was not inspired by King Jaffe Joffer from “Coming to America,” but it certainly could have been.

The cosmetics and fashion mogul stepped out in a black dress adorned with a lifelike faux lion’s head on Monday and more than seven million people have reacted to the photo on her Instagram account. Jenner wore the dress while attending the Schiaparelli show at Paris Fashion Week.

Jenner’s post reads, “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning. wow i loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. beautiful beautiful 🦁🦁🫶🏻”

Jenner wasn’t the only A-lister wearing faux taxidermy at the show. As the New York Times reported, Shalom Harlow wore a strapless black and white leopard dress and Irina Shayk wore a variation of Jenner’s lion gown and Naomi Campbell wore a black faux fur coat. The looks were presented as part of the collection’s vision, the Times reported. The show notes reportedly said the show had been inspired by Dante’s “Inferno” and the nine circles of hell. “To bring hell to life (a more common feeling at fashion shows than one might expect), the designer created three looks anchored around handmade faux taxidermy of animals from the poem — and recruited a trio of supermodels to wear them,” the Times reported.

Jenner’s post comments now read, “Comments on this post have been limited,” but here are some of the reactions to the dress -- that have been permitted -- that caught our eye:

pauliney82: “Awful 😢 I know it’s not real but surely this is promoting animal cruelty!”

kattiane.costa: “😒👎🏼 INAPPROPRIATE, old fashion and terrible promotion”


hamilayasmine: “Fake or not ! Animals are not fashion accessories, much less trophies!”

matissebunny: “I know this is faux and I love art but this is very wrong.... 😔❤️”

nelsonmj26: “We can post and post til we are blue, she won’t read these guys and if she cared she wouldn’t have done it in the first place. We are talking to ourselves here 😞”

marcelastrazer: “This is not art. This is not funny.”

bb.explores: “Very disturbing! This is wrong in so many levels!”

ehh007__: “Animals are NOT accessories!!!!!!!”

funnyshol: “What if someone made Kylie’s head out of wax and modeled it showing it like a prize? That is so not tasteful.”

janicejoostemaa: “Astonishing. Stunning. Everything. 🦁”

iamjessikaeklund: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone boycotted her make up now after seeing this ... won’t happen but would be great karma. Promoting hunting and animal cruelty. A new low 👏”

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