Which romantic movies do Americans love most?

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of romance movies out there but, according to a recent study, hopeless romantics in the United States love ten romantic movie titles above all others.

The study conducted by money.co.uk used data from Google trends to determine the most beloved romantic movies in each country.

“We collated a list of over 100 most popular romance films, and analysed them using Google -search data, from the Keyword Planner tool,” the data aggregations website said regarding its methodology. “We analysed historical metrics from January 2020-December 2020, in order to uncover the average monthly search volume per country.”

All in all, Call Me By Your Name, the 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama film featuring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer was crowned the most popular romance movie in the U.S, with 550,000 monthly searches on average.

Other titles among the top-ten most beloved include Beauty and The Beast, Grease, The Notebook and Gone With The Wind.

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These are the 10 most-popular romance movie is the U.S., according to money.co.uk:

1) Call Me By Your Name - 550,000 monthly searches

Released in 2017, Call Me By Your Name tops our list. The multi award winning picture follows a blossoming romance between a seventeen year old student and an older man hired by his father. If you are after a passionate masterpiece this Valentine’s Day, it is one that will stay with you after the credits stop rolling.

2) Beauty and The Beast - 450,000 monthly searches

The Disney classic Beauty and The Beast also takes second place in our rankings. The classic story is loved by millions, for both it’s original animated movie, and the live version, starring Emma Watson. With timeless music and a loveable unlikely romance, it is a great option for a Disney classic this Valentines Day.

3) Grease - 368,000 monthly searches

The musical romance movie, Grease, is the third movie to grace our list. Fate brings together Sandy and Danny, in an all singing, all dancing and hand jiving way. The energy of the cast takes fans to the 1950s halls of Rydell High, in the most successful movie musical of all time.

4) The Notebook - 301,000 monthly searches

The Notebook is the ultimate movie this Valentine’s Day to warm your heart. The picture is based on the Nicholas Sparks’ original novel. Ultimately, in the true Nicholas Sparks’ fashion it is a real tear-jerker in all the right ways, thanks to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams beautiful on-screen chemistry.

5) Gone With The Wind - 301,000 monthly searches

In fifth spot on our list is a classic. The historical romance, released in 1939, follows a love affair during the American Civil War. When adjusted for monetary inflation, the epic romantic movie is still the highest grossing movie in history.

6) Crazy Rich Asians - 301,000 monthly searches

The critically acclaimed Crazy Rich Asians takes sixth spot on our rankings. The film brings comedy, emotion and plenty of glamour. It’s impressive cast and lavish production makes for the perfect rom-com on Valentines night.

7) Mamma Mia! - 246,000 monthly searches

Set on a colourful Greek island, The 2008 jukebox musical comes in seventh place. Based on songs from ABBA, this movie is also the world’s favorite this Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect feel good romance movie and accumulates on average 246,000 monthly searches.

8) Portrait of a Lady on Fire - 246,000 monthly searches

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the newest movie release on our list. Set in an isolated island in France in the eighteenth century, the tragic love story follows the romance of a painter, who falls in love with her model, prior to her impending marriage.

9) A Star is Born - 246,000 monthly searches

In ninth spot, is the heartbreaking story of a musician suffering from alcoholism and a young singer with a dream. A Star is Born has come a long way since its original launch in the 1930s. The popular 2018 movie brings yet another musical romance to our list, and comes with a tissue box warning!

10) Pride and Prejudice - 246,000 monthly searches

The 2005 movie, Pride & Prejudice is a classic romantic drama based on the 1813 Jane Austen novel. It follows the story of the outspoken Elizabeth, and the incredibly handsome, upper-class Mr Darcy. Sparks fly between the two characters throughout, making for great romantic viewing this Valentine’s Day.


What do you think is the best love story ever put to film? Share your go-to romantic films in the comments below.

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