This Houston radio station plays Selena songs 24/7

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HOUSTON – A new radio station in Houston is celebrating the legacy of the “Queen of Tejano.”

Selena 105.3 FM is a station devoted to playing classics songs by Selena Quintanilla. The line-up 24/7 features live tracks, duets, covers, and even short interviews between the tracks.

The station is described as “without commercials, without DJs.”

The taglines included: “La Leyenda continua,” which means “The legend continues” and “La casa de la Reina de Tex-Mex,” which translates to “The home of the Tex-Mex queen.”

This new station comes as Netflix premiers a new special dubbed, Selena: The Series. The show gives fans a closeup into the rise to fame of the Mexican-American performer.

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