Love binge-watching? Here’s how you can get paid to watch documentaries

HOUSTON – If you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix and you want to make some cash off your new hobby, you might be up for this challenge. If you can stream 24 hours of documentaries about great and terrible leaders in time for the 2020 election, you could win $2,020.

You have to apply for the job here by Oct. 5, 2020. If chosen, streaming service Magellan TV will set you up with all of the documentaries. Then you have to share your thoughts and insights on social media. You can apply now through Oct. 5. The winner will also get a one-year membership to Magellan TV and two memberships for three months that you can share with friends and family.

Magellan TV is a new documentary streaming service that claims to house more historical documentaries than anywhere online. It costs $6.99 a month, but you can check it out with a free seven-day trial.