Ozzy Osbourne's 29-Year-Old Producer Andrew Watt Tests Positive for Coronavirus

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Music producer Andrew Watt has tested positive for coronavirus, he shared in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old musician -- who aside from his work on Ozzy Osbourne's latest album, Ordinary Man, has written hits for Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Post Malone and more -- shared the news in an effort to bring awareness to the seriousness of the situation, particularly, for young people. Watt said he had to "beg" for a coronavirus test after initially being denied.

"12 days ago, early morning of March 6th, I started feeling like I was hit by a bus," he writes. "I couldn't move out of my bed for days and stared to run a fever. I was seen by a doctor at my house who told me I am positive for the regular flu and there's no way I could have COVID-19 as I haven't left the country and all I do is go to the studio and go straight home."

"I was put on Tamiflu and constant Tylenol to fight the fever ... but the chills, swears, and fevers did not stop," he continues. "I started to become delusional and then began the dry cough ... I immediately rushed to the emergency room and begged to be tested for COVID-19 as this 'flu' was not subsiding. I was turned down for the test because of federal regulations. I begged and pleaded to be evaluated and finally was given a chest x ray ... the results of which were viral pneumonia ... but still ... no test."

Watt says a private doctor was able to eventually test him and he tested positive on Monday. Thankfully, the music producer says he is now feeling much better than he was earlier this month, though it is hard for him to breathe due to his pneumonia and he's using an oxygen machine. He says his experience is a warning to young people who don't think the coronavirus pandemic affects them.

"I am 29 years old," he writes. "I am a healthy young man and I am going to get through this no matter what. I am going to make a full recovery ... but ... there are so many people in my life and in the world that could possibly not get through this due to their age and/or a compromised immune system."

"To have this mentality 'I'm young this can't affect me' is just straight up stupid and so dangerous to everyone around you,'" he continues. "Social distancing is to protect someone's mom and dad, someone's grandmother ... it's not about you."