25 best romantic comedies currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu and more

Consider your date-night plans made!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re cuddled up on the couch with your significant other or eating snacks with your best friends, putting on a romantic comedy is always a good idea, especially around Valentine’s Day.

Luckily, you don’t need to go digging through old DVDs to watch a few romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day. Netflix, Hulu, HBO and the like have tons of options for you to watch, from the classic teen romantic comedies to the ones that will actually make you laugh out loud.

Here are some of our favorites:


‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’

Netflix saw the potential in the hit book series and decided to make some teen romantic comedy magic with Lana Condor and Noah Centineo as the leads. The best part is that the sequel, “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” drops Feb. 12 on Netflix. Make sure you watch the first movie so you can watch the second one right when it becomes available.


If you didn’t go see “Hitch” in movie theaters in 2005, were you truly even living? This movie came out when Will Smith was at the height of his career, and he gives a hilarious performance as a matchmaker who can’t find love himself. Smith is just so good in this movie, and it’s a real trip down memory lane.


This is another mid-2000s romantic comedy that is just as funny today as it was when it premiered more than a decade ago. After the success of “Maid In Manhattan” and “The Wedding Planner," Jennifer Lopez was ready for her next leading role, and who better for her to star opposite with than the legendary Jane Fonda? Most of the laughs in this come from Fonda and Wanda Sykes, but Lopez shows off her comedy chops pretty well, too.

‘Obvious Child’

You’d probably never think that “romantic comedy” and “abortion” would fit together, yet somehow, in this indie film starring comedian Jenny Slate, it somehow works -- incredibly well. Slate’s character has a one-night stand with a guy and becomes pregnant. Her decision isn’t about having an abortion or not, but how she will tell her family, friends and the guy who knocked her up. It’s a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, and pretty relatable to a lot of young women.

‘The Incredible Jessica James’

Want to know what it’s like for a young woman living in a big city dating in this century? Look no further than “The Incredible Jessica James.” Starring Jessica Williams from “The Daily Show,” the film shows Williams’ character going through the struggles of modern dating, from matching with guys on Tinder to unfollowing your ex on social media.

‘Up In The Air’

If George Clooney wasn’t a super successful actor, why does it feel like he’d have the job of his character in this film?

Clooney plays a man who flies across the country to different cities and fires people from their jobs on behalf of their companies. While it sounds bleak, Clooney makes it look effortlessly cool. Of course, there are romantic interests played by Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. All of the actors received Oscar nominations for their work here.

‘Julie & Julia’

Is there anything better than Meryl Streep doing a Julia Child impression for an entire movie? No, dear reader, there is not, which makes “Julie & Julia” such a delight. The movie follows Amy Adams’ character, Julie, as she cooks (and blogs) her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, while we get the backstory on how Julia learned to cook while living in France with her charming and adoring husband, played by the always-perfect Stanley Tucci. We do get some classic romantic comedy moments between Julie and her husband in the film, but this is really a love letter to Julia Child and the millions of people she inspired with her cooking.

‘A Cinderella Story’

There is no better teen romantic comedy than “A Cinderella Story,” and that’s just a fact. Not only was Hilary Duff at the height of her career, but every teenage girl in America wanted to be Chad Michael Murray’s girlfriend. Throw in some legendary performances from Jennifer Coolidge and Regina King and you’ve got yourself an instant classic.

‘Always Be My Maybe’

After two insanely funny stand-up specials, Ali Wong finally got to star in a romantic comedy alongside fellow comedian Randall Park. “Always Be My Maybe” is about a couple who used to date when they were younger and then they reunite, after 15 years apart. It’s a classic romantic comedy plot, but the performances by Wong and Park really make this one shine.


‘What Men Want’

Remember the classic romantic comedy “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt? It’s a great movie, and this film with Taraji P. Henson flips the script and shows us what women really want. Henson’s character can hear the inner thoughts of the men around her, and man, is it funny. You won’t stop laughing until the movie’s over.

‘No Strings Attached’

This takes casual dating to the extreme, with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Kutcher and Portman’s characters decide to keep it casual, but once feelings get involved, things get extra complicated.

'Bridget Jones’s Diary’

Renee Zellweger got her break when she starred in “Jerry Maguire,” but she truly showed how far her acting chops could go when she starred in the hilarious “Bridget Jones’s Diary," which ended up with an Oscar nomination for the actress. There are two sequels to “Bridget Jones,” and luckily for you, they’re both on Hulu.

‘Under The Tuscan Sun’

A full movie where Diane Lane lives her best life in Italy while eating pasta and romancing with gorgeous men? If you’ve ever wanted to trade lives with someone from the movies, make sure it’s this one.

‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

Julia Roberts is the queen of romantic comedies and there is no way to dispute that -- and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” might be the best one she starred in. Most people have seen this movie 100 times, but it’s always a good one to rewatch, and if your sweetie has never seen it, it’s even better to introduce it to someone.

‘When Harry Met Sally’

Another romantic comedy classic! Seriously, Hulu has a great collection of some of the all-time best. “When Harry Met Sally” is the definition of perfection, and like we said above, it’s a great film to watch again, or to introduce to someone who hasn’t seen it.

‘Failure To Launch’

There was a brief period after “Sex and the City” ended where Sarah Jessica Parker was in a ton of romantic comedies, and “Failure To Launch” might be the best out of the bunch. Parker stars alongside Matthew McConaughey, who plays a man-child that still lives at home and gets waited on by his mother, who is played by Kathy Bates.



“Bridesmaids” is such a tour of force in comedy that it’s easy to forget there is a sweet little love story built into the plot, with Kristen Wiig and Chris O’Dowd’s characters. It might be a little bit of a stretch to call it a “rom-com,” but regardless, it’s one of the funniest movies of all time, so you’ll have no regrets watching it again.

‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’

Steve Carrell in more romantic comedies, please! Carrell plays a down-on-his-luck dad who is going through a divorce from Julianne Moore. A very suave Ryan Gosling notices the pathetic Carrell in a bar one night and decides to take him under his wing to turn him into a ladies man. Carrell is hilarious, Gosling is dreamy, and Emma Stone and Moore make the perfect love interests for the gentlemen.

‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’

This is one of those movies where you see it playing on TV and you immediately have to stop what you’re doing so you can watch. Luckily for you, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” is streaming on HBO, so you can watch it whenever you’d like. Kate Hudson is hilarious as an advice columnist trying to experiment with dating for her new article, and Matthew McConaughey is perfect as her confident and macho love interest.

‘Isn’t It Romantic’

There’s no doubt that romantic comedies are full of expected cliches and troupes, but that’s kind of the reason why we love the genre so much. In “Isn’t It Romantic,” Rebel Wilson plays a woman who is living inside the plot of a rom-com after she hits her head. All of the cliches of the genre are on full display and it’s so fun to watch.

‘Love, Actually’

Not only is “Love, Actually” a great romantic comedy to watch around Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a Christmas movie that will make you feel all the feels. With an all-star British cast that includes Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, just to name a few, this one is guaranteed to please.

‘Notting Hill’

Another film with the always-charming Hugh Grant and the previously mentioned queen of rom-coms Julia Roberts, Grant plays a book store owner and Roberts plays a famous American actress who stumbles upon the bookstore and ends up falling in love with Grant.

These two make a great on-screen couple.


‘10 Things I Hate About You’

You probably wouldn’t think that Disney+ would have any romantic comedies in its huge library of animated movies from yesteryear, but Disney apparently owns some rom-coms from back in the day, including “10 Things I Hate About You” starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. The film is based off Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew," but retold through a teen rom-com lens.

‘The Parent Trap’

Both versions of “The Parent Trap” are available to stream on Disney+, but let’s get real for a moment -- we all know the ’90s version with Lindsay Lohan is the superior version of this great film. Lohan is obviously iconic as playing the twins Hallie and Annie, and Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson are perfect as the parents.

‘The Sound of Music’

The oldest film on our list might just be the best of them all. First of all, this is a great movie to show someone who has never seen it before. Julie Andrews is wonderful as Maria, and Christopher Plummer makes the perfect love interest for Andrews. With so many iconic songs, scenes and actors, it’s hard to pass up this movie on Valentine’s Day.

Will you be watching any of these movies on Valentine’s Day with your sweetie? Let us know below in the comments.

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