5 new things to look out for at the Texas Renaissance Festival


HOUSTON – While it may be the 45th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival, there are a few updates and new entertainment options that festival fans should look out for this year.

The festival is taking place from Oct. 5 to Dec. 1 and will provide fans yet again with plenty of entertainment options including costumers, performers, food, drinks, field trips, camping and more.

Here are five new changes to look out for at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2019:

1. More entertainment options

The sister singing act, Opal & Jade: Off-Colored Treasures will perform at the Red Lion Tavern four times every day. There will also be the Full Armored Combat act at The Cloister and the Green where people can cheer on their favorite fighters. There will be 50 other performer options from music, dancers and entertainers.

2. Even more shopping

While the Texas Renaissance Festival is known for having plenty of shopping options, this year there will be even more to choose from. Dragon and Unicorn Coffee will offer hand-roasted beans and cold brews. Khalid Medieval will provide children's swords and costumes, The Holiday Shoppe will have homemade Christmas décor and Creations will include handmade daggers, swords, polearms and poleaxes.

3. Games galore

This year will debut two new games, Cliffhangers Challenge and DaVinci Arcade. The Cliffhangers Challenge is a test of strength and endurance. The DaVinci Arcade will have games from the science based period.

4. New foods

Lion's Share Tapas will be a new food addition to look out for this year.

5. Check out these new campground rules

According to the Texas Renaissance Festival website, "All Campground Patrons must have a valid festival ticket or season pass for at least one day of the camping weekend. This will be verified at the gate upon entry for each person." Also, vehicles left in general parking after 11 p.m. are subject to towing.

For more information about changes at the 2019 Texas Renaissance Festival, click here.