Where to go in Houston if you want to live like Kate Upton, Justin Verlander

HOUSTON – Astros’ star pitcher Justin Verlander and his supermodel wife Kate Upton, are one of Houston’s hottest couples.

Based on photos from their Instagram they do posh things like strut around in high-end suits, casually pose on the balcony of what we can only assume is a beach-front resort and sit on the front steps to a house for a Pinterest-perfect family photo.

According to the New York Times, the couple is also “foodies” at heart so naturally, they have some top-spots around the Bayou City when they go to grab a bite. 

The New York Times asked Verlander and Upton to share their top five spots and here is what they had to say. 

For a good burger, Verlander and Upton both agree that Nancy’s Hustle on Polk Street is the place to go. According to Upton, “they use an English muffin instead of a bun and it really just enhances the flavors.”

Verlander said another place to get a good burger is Tiny Boxwoods on West Alabama, where he goes on start days an always orders the “Lucky Burger.” Upton said her favorite things about the restaurant are the “charcuterie board, the Southwestern salad, the fish of the day, and of course the cookies are so good.”

They wouldn’t be a baseball couple if the pair didn’t love Minute Maid. The two spend a lot of time there but neither mind because of the great memories associated with the stadium, including the Astros’ first World Series win. Upton says she loves the tacos, but always goes for popcorn because it’s part of a “superstitious routine.”

Of course, anyone who lives in Houston can tell you that Montrose is a great place for foodies to hang out, and Upton and Verlander are no exception. Upton’s top places to go in Montrose are Biscuit, a boutique home goods store, UB Preserv and Goodnight Charlie’s.

Finally, both said they love the Menil Collection. According to Upton, they were looking for something to do that was indoors (because Houston, am I right?) and they landed on the Menil. Verlander said it’s something “unique and fun to do. Plus (he doesn’t) love to sweat.”