Ellen Degeneres to give away World Series tickets at University of Houston


HOUSTON – Talk show host  and comedian Ellen Degeneres is getting in on the World Series fun. If you're looking for a chance to snag free game tickets, you could be one of her lucky winners.

VIDEO: Sky 2 aerials of UH students lining up for World Series tickets from Ellen Degeneres

Degeneres tweeted on Monday that she'd be giving away "something huge" during her visit to the University of Houston on Tuesday, and put World Series tickets in parenthesis.

Degeneres followed the tweet with another that said "Any Astros fans who want to go to the World Series better show up at University of Houston tomorrow. You hear that, Justin Verlander?"

Verlander took to Twitter with a response.

 "I hear ya. Since you're giving away all your World Series tickets I can get you a couple in the Astros section. I know a guy," he said.

The University of Houston joined the conversation tweeting, "We're ready Ellen!


It's unclear when Degeneres will be at the university, but we think the turnout might be pretty big.