10 ways to crush your homecoming mum game

Jennifer and Monica of the Mumtastic pop-up shop in the Spring area.

HOUSTON – If you’re new to the Texas homecoming mum game or you just want to learn more this year, here are a few simple professional tips to make your DIY creation look more polished.

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KPRC 2 spoke with Jennifer Deaton and Monica from Mumtastic in the Spring area. They shared a number of ways to make your mum creation a great one, whether it’s a small project or -- as they usually are in Texas -- a big endeavor. 

MUMtastic Homecoming Store is showing us how to make a DIY mum for homecoming! Share your questions in the comments. Here are Mumtastic's top tips: http://bit.ly/2yvMOJE Share your homecoming photos with us in the comments!

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Friday, September 22, 2017

Here are the Mumtastic crew’s tips:

1.    You can never use too much hot glue! 
“There will be no mums without hot glue guns,” Deaton said. 
Hot glue should be applied to your mum throughout the process to keep everything together. Press your materials down firmly on the glue to ensure a good seal.

2.    Precut your materials
If you precut your materials, you can focus on the creative element of the mum, rather than the technical aspects of the project. While some cutting may be necessary throughout the project, if the materials are ready to be used, you can let your creativity flow.

3.    Start with a sturdy base
A sturdy, clean base of card stock is a key to getting a good start with your mum. The stock is what you build the project around, so be sure to have a strong enough base, particularly if you’re going bigger with your design.

4.    Affix the mum to the base with a pipe cleaner
The mum needs to be affixed to the base, so be sure to glue the pipe cleaner to the flower’s center and then pull it through the base and secure to the base.

5.    Layer ribbon for a multi-dimensional look
You can layer ribbon of varying thicknesses onto each other. Have fun mixing textures and patterns of ribbon available for a fun, but polished, look.

6.    Only attach the top of the tail base to the mum front
When you’re connecting the tail base to the mum front, only attach the top with hot glue. This move is essential when you add more decorations to the tails, such as lights or other hanging garlands.

7.    Add a loop to attach the mum 
This is a pro tip that will help no matter how big your mum becomes. The loop will give you a choice – you can attach your mum with a corsage pin or give a loop to thread a necklace through for the larger mums.

8.    Fold ribbon to expose the front decorative sides for your tails
Make the most of your ribbon by folding it into a small triangle in the middle. The fold will bring the ribbon to a front-facing position. Also -- it cuts down on more material cutting for your tails.

9.    Build your mum according to your taste
This is Texas and the mums are usually bigger than most, but you don’t have to do something that isn’t “you.” Have fun and use embellishments that reflect your style. Stores like Mumtastic, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and others carry a wide assortment of fun additions to personalize your mum.

10.    Stagger your decorations on the tails
Hang decorations on the tails at various lengths for a waterfall effect, and to keep items from dangling too low on your mum.

What have we left out? Leave your mum tips for us in the comments below.