Drew Barrymore Says She Has to 'Work So Hard' to Not Be the 'Size of a Bus'

Drew Barrymore puts a lot of time and effort into staying healthy. The 45-year-old actress covers the August issue of InStyle and shares the steps she takes to stay fit amid quarantine.

"I eat really clean and healthy, and I do an hour of Pilates at least four days a week," she says. "I have to work so hard at not being the size of a bus. And it's OK. That is just my journey. That is my karma. I don't know, maybe I was thin and mean in a past life."

In terms of her mental health, Barrymore admits she felt "very overwhelmed" with work and parenting responsibilities when quarantine began, but has since come to terms with only being able to do so much. Barrymore and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, share two daughters, Olive, 7, and Frankie, 6.

"I hate feeling overwhelmed. It was weird to be a mom and a teacher and a provider and a friend. I felt sad for a while that I was all I could offer my children," she says. "Then I realized that I had to get out from under it. I have so much empathy and patience for everyone but myself, it's sick."

"In these times you can just start to feel bad about yourself. I began to self-doubt and beat myself up. Then I was like, 'This is temporary,'" Barrymore adds. "I tell my kids that too. It's not normal; it's the new normal. It's a learning curve, and, hopefully, this is all happening for a reason. Timing is everything -- and this is not a time to get lost; it is a time to be found."

Barrymore continues by expanding on how she handles discussing world events like the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic with her kids.

"I don't watch the news in front of them because I worry about the images. But I also do not believe in bringing them up in any type of bubble," she says. "We all marched in the Women's March... They're very aware, and we're reading a lot of books and discussing it."

Despite the woes of the world, Barrymore makes it a point to remain optimistic in her day-to-day life.