Paula Abdul on Pride-Fueled ‘Will You Marry Me’ Video Remake (Exclusive)

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Paula Abdul is celebrating Pride Month with a fun revamp of the music video for her '90s song “Will You Marry Me.” The singer has redone the video using footage of fans getting engaged or married during quarantine.

Talking to ET’s Keltie Knight, the 58-year-old artist said she hopes the video promotes messages of inclusivity.

“Inclusion -- it's love is love and I wanted to remind people that you all deserve to be celebrated, and I had the perfect song for that,” Abdul said. “Every time I watch the video it warms my heart.”

The video redo comes 18 years after the song’s release, as the fifth and final single from her second studio album, 1992’s Spellbound.

The album also featured fan favorite, “Rush Rush.”

Looking back at the popular song, Abdul recalled how eager she was to meet Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, who guest starred in the music video for the track.

“I hadn't met him yet and I wanted to introduce myself to him,” dished Abdul, who admitted last year that she wished she had dated Reeves at the time. “He had his own trailer and I walked up the steps to knock on the door, and the door was cracked open and he had headphones on and was air guitar, full-on in his underwear, and I was like, ‘Okay, I'm gonna back up. I'll meet him on set!’”