Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Powerful Message About 'Long Overdue Change' Following George Floyd's Funeral

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Sarah Jessica Parker is sharing a message about the fight for racial justice. While the funeral service for George Floyd was being held in Houston, Texas, the Sex And the City star expressed her support for the "historic march" toward social change that is sweeping the world in his name.

Parker, who has been an outspoken advocate for the international protests sparked by Floyd's death, shared the heartfelt and passionate message to her Instagram Tuesday afternoon.

"Today, Mr. Floyd is laid to rest," she wrote. "However this historic march toward justice and equality, this unstoppable movement in his name and countless others' is alive and it's collective heartbeat far stronger than the fear that resists this inevitable and long overdue change."

The message was the first image in a slideshow which included several snapshots of the massive protests against police brutality and social injustice held in New York City in recent days.

The images included young protesters holding up Black Lives Matter signs, marching in front of lines of police officers in riot armor, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, en masse.

On May 27 -- two days after Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Parker posted a photo of a man, kneeling in prayer, at a memorial created in Floyd's memory, which she captioned, "Agony. Heartache. Sorrow. Justice. Please RIP Mr. Floyd."