Biracial Couple Discusses Being a Symbol of 'Hope' After Attending Protest in Their Wedding Attire (Exclusive)

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Two newlyweds brought some hope to a Los Angeles protest. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to Lara Sanders and Sam Mekonnen, a biracial couple who recently went viral for their impromptu stop at an L.A. protest shortly after tying the knot. 

Hundreds of protesters looked on in excitement and awe as Sanders and Mekonnen pulled up to the protest sporting their wedding attire in a white Rolls-Royce, which was filled with flowers.

Sanders admits that her and Mekonnen's post-wedding activities were "very different" than the norm, though she considers the experience to be a "perfect" one.

"He grabbed my hand, it was shaking. He pushed me [by saying,] 'Let's go in the middle of the street,'" she recalls of Mekonnen, who popped the question in January. "Oh my god, it was really amazing, but also terrifying. Hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people, came toward us and took pictures... ... I was so stressed, but it was perfect."

"It was bizarre. It was like a magnet," Mekonnen agrees. "Imagine driving through the chaos, almost like a movie... and people are honking their horn... We did not know what was going on."

The whole thing was caught on camera by Navin Watumull, who was at the protest with his wife and posted the video on Instagram.

"There was an uprising of positive energy and applause. Everyone was surprised and in awe. The crowd of protesters ran into the intersection, unconcerned with traffic, and greeted the couple, naturally embracing them, showering them with love and support," Watumull says of the moment. "It was such a beautiful, pure moment! It was as if the couple appeared out of nowhere and brought us hope and positivity."